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                           WELCOME TO HELL YOU BARNER VERMIN!!!


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  Barner Athletic Dept
Employee, On The Job!

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Welcome To Barner Hell

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                  Albarn is without a doubt, one of the sleaziest schools participating in collegiate
                  sports today.They are much like the "Hyena", a skulking cowardly animal who
                  exits off the remnants of others!!! A scavenger! From the Latin term "Crocuta
                  Crouta" The spotted one. Many have a strong disagreeable odor!  Albarn
                  doesn't have many records of  positive achievement, but it certainly is successful
                  at accumulating records of "dubious achievement"! They are tied for the record
                  [six times] as the school "most penalized" in NCAA  history! 
                  They came very, very close to another NCAA record, when they barely missed
                  having 3 programs on probation at once!!!! These bozo's cheated in Golf and
                  Tennis! GOLF and TENNIS for Christ's sake!!!!! Every barner head football
                  coach and/or Athletic Director since the 1950's has had to appear before the
                  NCAA'S Committee of   Infractions on SERIOUS VIOLATIONS OF 
                  Now the barners will tell you that everybody cheats. They just got caught. While it
                  is true [sports agents, fans pumped-up with their feelings of wanting to be
                  important, etc., etc.] that violations probably occur at a lot more schools than one
                  would think; that is not the same as having the coaches and administration "actively
                  involved" in perpetuating and then covering-up the wrong doing. Can you Barner-
                  Scum say "keep   it down home cuz"? I thought you could! That cesspool of college
                  athletics [and I use the term "college athletics rather loosely] cannot win without   
                  cheating! They have ONE    measly National Championship in 107 years of playing
                  football, and that is "tainted" by by the stench of probation. 101 years after 
                  beginning to play football, they manage to have an untied/defeated season, and guess 
                  what.....they were on probation again!!!!!!!!

                   This time the coaches and boosters were delivering money to players at "clandestine
                   meetings" in convience store parking lots! To be fair....they were also concerned
                   with the players "nutritional health" and "community image",  so they set up their own
                   brand of   "meals-on-wheels", [steaks] courtesy of Corkee "Eat More Beef" Frost!
                   as well as institute the barner "wheel of fortune", which awarded cash prizes for
                   everything from parking tickets and utility bills, to car pymts and off-campus housing 
                   allowances!!! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!! Momma and daddy
                   would be proud of the way that school be taking care of their child!

                    The barners are the LAUGHING STOCK of college athletics! Their latest "self-
                    inflicted head shot", [firing their most successful coach in mid-season, and then
                    avoiding a sure "ass-kicking by buying-out" of the game [$5000,000.00] with the
                    fired coaches daddy; has resulted in the ENTIRE NATION seeing the barners [as
                    we have always known them] for the cowardly cheating, lying, pond scum, they
                    truly are!!!!! They have become the butt of jokes and ridicule through-out the
                    country, as they have sold out their reputation once again, for a "short term gain".

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                                                                  HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!!!!!!!!!

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                                      BARNERS SPEAK OUT ON MESSAGE BOARDS

                                       Posted by CAWAREGLE on 1:43 PM 07-Feb-99

                     I never got any info. on AU out here on the left coast before ole Dave and "bad-ass"
                     Bobby L. made the scene. Now, the sports talk show hosts joke about us all the
                     time. My wife's been after me to take my AU decal off her car, cause she's
                     paranoid that people will point and laugh. Oh well, things could be worse; my
                     neighborhood university is U.C. Irvine; I could have been an Anteater instead of a

                                                     Posted by KCtiger on 11:31 AM 07-Feb-99
                                                    Subject: National radio is tearing us a new one!

                     They are going outright ballistic over this. One host this morning, I think his name is
                     Jay something, took it overboard. He said something to the effect of "these Auburn
                     people scare me. If you have never been to Auburn, hop on a plane to Birmingham,
                     and then drive two hours into the middle of  nowhere, where all these crazy
                     backwoods people live. Football is all these people have." He even called Housel
                     a 400 pound gorilla, and a bully, and repeatedly kept calling us hypocrites. It
                     appears to me FSU is even more hypocritical than us by saying they badly want to
                     play this game, when we all know they wanted out of it. They are trying to deify
                     Bobby Bowden. I do believe we should have played the game. Who is running the
                     show down there? One thing is for sure, Auburn needs to hire a PR firm
                     immediately, because they obviously have no idea what they are doing.