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Still can't feel my legs after the weekend!

11/23/2001-Unbelievable how things turned out.

Unbelievable how things turned out. With the state media having their heads firmly planted in Auburn's butt cheeks all week, Alabama went into Jerky-Hare and did what practically no one thought was possible: beat AgEwe!

Notice I said beat them. No one on God's green earth, not even the most passionate Bama supporter could honestly tell you he thought Bama could beat the hell out of them by 24 points!

You talk about justice, whew, we administered some sure-fire, can-of-whupass, frontier justice on their ass! I sat there waiting, dreading our infamous 4th quarter collapse only to actually realize early in the 4th quarter that it wasn't coming. I was, and still am, speechless. Maybe orgasmic seizure fits the mood more, I suppose.

If ever the tiggers needed to feel a staunch ass beating, it was now. All week long, the radio callers were coming in fast and furious about how Bama stood no chance of winning the game. Had those hosts known, they could've said that we didn't stand a chance of beating them, but rather beating the dog$h!t out of them!

Now that the rightful team, the team with the most tradition, the team with the winning record in the series, the school that isn't lying in recruiting, Bama has won the game, things can now get back to normal around here! I grew tired of hearing them chirp about our troubles and how much better they are than us when we know it's not correct.

We Bama fans knew we had a better team than our record suggested, so we patiently waited to show that to them while they ran that big mouth of theirs, which is all they've ever done throughout history.

It's been a trying year for us all, with the new staff taking over, the defense lagging all year, the 4th quarter debacles that plagued us, and this NCAA junk that now seems to be not as bad as we originally thought.

We earned the right to talk a bit, at least at our rivals down on the farm. I urge all Bama supporters to take a plate of crow to work with you so you can feed it to the AUbie knuckle dragger who's in the office/desk beside yours who blabbed on about how his superior team that beat Florida was going to whip Bama. He doesn't need to get away with yapping like that! We have bragging rights, now. I say use them to the fullest!

We earned bragging rights for a whole year.......boy did we ever?!?!?!


Can 'barners suck any worse?

10/01/2001-The records of the two in-state Bama schools stands at: UA at 2-2, and AUful at 3-1. However, what these sorry cattle copulating scumbags from allbarn can't seem to understand is Bama has actually played someone tough! Bama has two losses by a total of four points to two top 15 schools, AAAAALLLLBBBAAAAARRRRRN has one loss by 17 to a rotten-ass Big (L)East team! Wow, can you believe the nerve of these shitheads trying to make out like they're better? I'm sorry but I must speak out on this idiocy! I would just ask what would happen if they had South Carolina instead of Georgia (they'll still lose that one, mark it down) on their pathetic schedule. Can you imagine what would happen if UCLA would've been on their schedule instead of Syracuse? Oh hell I would've enjoyed that!!!!! It amazes me how they can even show their ugly, putrid, tobacco stained faces in public after the F$U thing. Remind those slimy, less-than-people about that, they have forgotten they're the f*ckin' cowards of all college football. Remember when you encounter these spineless half-celled organisms (they're not worthy of one-cell status) known as 'barners that they are a walking "envy bomb" on a countdown to explosion. They can't stand not having all the accolades that Bama has and jealously criticize Bama fans when we bring it up. Go get a history of your own, and I don't mean probation history!

I'm looking forward to the rest of the season because Bama's team will grow and theirs will do what it has done throughout history....lose their inbred ass!!!!!


Probation, PHOOEY!!!!!

08/29/2001-Well, we have less than one week until the big day, or rather, night! We can finally watch, talk, and read about football for a change! This offseason has been as painful as any I've seen, with the National Coalition Against Alabama (NCAA) in town, in the football offices, in the dorms, under the AD and coaches beds while they f**king sleep. Yeah, it's been tough. Coach Fran told all the Bama faithful that there's nothing the team or fans can do regarding the matter and it's best handled by the legal team at UA. This is my humble attempt to do my part in exposing these sorry bastards for what they are. For starters, we already have a history with the ghastly NCAA, started in earnest at the very end of '92 (what were we doing at that time? Kickin' ass as we always do!) when Gene Jelks' story broke, and that's all is was, a story, perpetrated on UA by none other than our grass grazing, tobacco chewing, scumbag neighbors! It was the usual pap about "I got this and I got that". Some sources say it was nothing more than Jelks with a "sore ass" because of never developing into a super player and NFL draft pick while at UA. Then after the Sugar bowl and national title game against Miami, Antonio Langham , after playing the biggest game of his life, signed a napkin and declared himself eligable for the NFL and didn't tell anyone he'd signed an "autograph" for an agent.

This first enouter with the NCAA concluded with three years probation and we can now say that Mr. David Swank who was the chairman of the infractions committee at the time had set out to do what he wanted to do for a long time......screw Alabama! It's been said that while Coach Paul Bryant was still coaching at Bama, he had a run-in with a young Swank in the 70's and got his way and thus started a hatred for any thing Bama in Swank. Well CPB had a lot of pull in those days a lot like a Bowden or Paterno would now, except CPB had a little more, I suppose. Bryant, just like losing games, wasn't much into losing arguments, either. So when it came time for Swank to hear Bama's case, it was a done deal. The NCAA hit Bama with, flat out, unfair penalties. 3 years probation, 24 scholarships gone over that time, forfeiting 11 games in '93 and, cherry on top, a one year bowl ban......all because, in the excitement of the moment after the '93 Sugar Bowl, Langham signed something he didn't mean to. The NCAA claims it was Tom Jones's fault for giving false information. This turned out to be an NCAA lie exposed.

So what can Bama expect out of the NCAA in '01? NOTHING!!!! Alabama will be lucky to have it's case heard by february because the earlier Bama gets heard, the sooner we can recruit without answering a bunch of damned probation questions by prospects. If the NCAA (remember what those initials stand for again?) can hold Bama off long enough, we can't recruit completely effective for at least one more signing day. Then when the penalties are announced (and there will be sanctions because the NCAA doesn't spend this much time, money, and energy on someone to let them go), it will sting us that much longer! I hope each and every one of you, my fellow Bama fans, are paying attention to how this is playing out. It's building into a screwjob of 1995 proportions!

There truly isn't much we can do as fans to prevent another debacle other than stay aware of the case and the situation surrounding it. We can only put our faith in the UA legal team that they won't allow such a travesty of justice again. I just hope and pray you guys won't bury your heads to the truth.


08/07/2001- I've heard all the little silly musings (or shall I say, MOOOOsings) that all you tobacco chewin', cattle rustling', rodeo ridin' redneck 'barners have been saying about the Notre Dame thing! How we bought out of it, well, you can't buy out of a contract if you don't have one with a team. They were TENTATIVELY scheduled!!!! It was not in stone, there's nothing that says we won't reschedule them, but allbarn won't be playing FSU until a certain football coach retires. So while you scumbags choke on another plug of Red Man, you should worry about raising money to give FSU for the coward job you bastards pulled in '99! Maybe you cattle copulaters would like to worry about who's gonna score for you in '01, 'cause the one hit wonder known as "Wudi" is gone and his former blocker is now paving the way for a 10 times better back in Shaun Alexander!

In parting, you toothless wonders are grasping at so many straws, you'll be able to built a f**kin' hut for your ridiculous jungle!!!!

The Ghost has settled this issue.

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